4 Steps to Piloting Pilot RC Planes

RC Planes

RC Planes

RC planes are not easy to master how to operate. However, you can use flight simulators to improve your skills. Another alternative would be to take flight lessons if you do not like slight simulators. If this I your option, ensure you get a certified flight instructor to teach you flying. The following will help you learn how to pilot RC airplane.

1. Plane Ground Exercise

After getting your plane from the box, get it ready and start with ground exercises. You have to feel what it is like to control a plane. Therefore, bring up the throttle to a point where the plane is nearly taking off but not yet off the ground. Go over this routine a couple of times to get familiar with it.

2. Basic Flying

From ground exercise, you should then learn directional flight. Get the plane to take off and pilot it to a particular spot. Repeat the same activity to different spots and until you are comfortable with getting the RC planes anywhere you want.

3. Nose-in Hover

Having got the basic flight skills, you should then learn to nose-in your RC plane. This is a more challenging exercise especially since many of the controls will now be reversed. Here, you will have to hover with the nose of the airplane facing you.  This activity should be gradually mastered before it’s tried at high altitudes.

4. Figure 8 Flights

The final lesson is a combination of orientation, hovering and directional flight. With all these skills, you will be able to fly your plane. First, try to fly the plane in a square, and then in an 8 pattern. This is a challenging step but with time and practice, you will master them.

The above 4 steps will help you fly your RC planes.

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6 Part Mini Course

6 Part Mini Course

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