An Overview of Simulation Games

Playing a Simulation

Playing a Simulation

Simulation games offer a perfect virtual world where virtual characters and environments interact together to simulate the real world.  The sounds and graphics are highly integrated and of high quality that they are close to reality. Everything is made to appear real, from the air combat games to the weather and the physical terrains of the lands.

Simulator games take gaming to a higher level, and often require the player to use strategy, skill and chance. For instance, you may be playing a civilization building game and you will have to strategize on how to schedule your actions that may affect or be determined by different circumstances. Often, you will be navigating the virtual world according to how a fictitious character in the game sees it.

There are many simulation games you can choose from.  Some are advanced and allow you to create and manage a world. For example, Sim City allows the player to plan and build a city with varied infrastructure and buildings. Another popular game is the Tycoon, in which you can build and manage your own restaurant, zoo, or theme part. Other popular simulation games are the motor racing type, such as Need For Speed, Motoracer, Monster Madness, and others. You can get more adrenalin rush with air combat games which usually have missions that you have to accomplish to reach the next stage. You will be flying with assortments of ammunition depending on the points you will have acquired. The most popular one today is Flight Pro Sim, which offers a lot more scenarios and features than the original simulation software from Microsoft.

Life games, adventure games, role playing games, and dating games are also popular simulator games. With the games, you can create, discover, destroy, upgrade, improvise, or imagine what you want in the game. It is no wander that these simulation games are very popular today.

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