Learn To Fly RC Models Using an RC Simulator

Radio Controlled Sims

Radio Controlled Sims

RC simulators have continued to be improved over time and today they have evolved into programs with full rich graphics that you will enjoy. The common simulators are for airplanes and helicopters. Most of them are sold together, although sometimes the helicopter software may be sold separately as an add-on to the main programs.  The helicopter simulator is different from the airplane simulator in flight characteristics as well as handling.  You should select the correct RC simulator designed for the aircraft you wish to fly.

Helicopter and airplane simulators are different when it comes to landing and taking off.  Helicopters require less space to hover and can move straight up and down. It also does not need a runway to take off. This is the main reason why EC helicopters are among the most popular RC gadgets today.

A good airplane RC simulator may also work with a helicopter.  The software usually come with various types of airplanes and helicopters, and also has many add-ons thus enabling you to have a variety of models.  You can have five new helicopter models and up to fourteen airplanes from one add-on.

You may download some RC simulators from the internet. The software you find is very advanced but you will have to pay to download it. The software is made for both airplanes and helicopters but helicopters seem to have been catered for more. You can use a variety of controls with most of the RC software packages.  Beginners can use the computer keyboard while advanced users usually prefer a handheld transmitter attached via a USB to the PC.

Using an RC simulator with a transmitter gives you a similar experience to the actual flying. The simulator will help you get the skills to fly your RC helicopter or airplane.  Within a short time, you will be flying RC models comfortably.

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