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If you have always thought of flying but are scared to learn the real thing, a flight simulator is all you need. Wannabe airline pilots, private pilots or real pilots can now fly right from their living rooms.  You only need to download the Microsoft Flight Simulators and start flying to any place around the world.

Over the years, flight simulators have continued to be refined and today they are made with powerful graphics and realism effects that let you experience close to what pilots flying real aircraft do. The flight simulator game has become very popular since it was first available for download on the internet. The most enjoyable thing about the software is the graphics that look very real and the effects that make you feel the excitement of piloting a real airplane.

A flight simulator offers different features which all contribute to making the experience more real.

  1. The simulators provides a dynamic living world with vehicles at airports, air traffic control towers, air traffic, wild animals, trees, and of course, the moving aircraft.
  2. There are many tutorials and missions for you to tackle. You can fly to any airport in the world thanks to the programmed stunts, missions and tutorials.
  3. You share the skies and ground with different aircraft and can connect and fly with your friends online. This interactive feature takes the experience to another level.
  4. There are many aircrafts you can choose to fly, from Airbus 321 to the Extra 300s.

You can download a flight simulator online and start experiencing its capacity right from your home in a few hours. There are also many add-ons you can include to give you diverse choices when it comes to airplanes and sceneries. Get a flight simulator today and experience the thrill of flying right in your living room.

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