Using RC Helicopter Simulators to Fly RC Helicopters

Radio Controlled Sims

Radio Controlled Sims

Flying a new RC helicopter is not easy and you may need some training if you are to avoid crashing the helicopter many times. Using a helicopter simulator, you can learn how to fly the RC helicopter in no time. Use the following tips during your training and you will progress fast and master flying your RC helicopter.

First, do not let the helicopter hit you even though you are using a simulator. The hit is powerful and may hurt you. Then practice landing the aircraft at the exact area where you want it. Landing can be a fluke, so ensure you make it face exactly where you want it to. Set the trims slightly off center and practice flying with them this way. After that, adjust them randomly and try flying again to get used to the different effects these actions will have on the helicopter simulator. Adjust to different turbulence level by increasing the wind to get used to how the simulator behaves in such conditions.

The above skills will help you when flying the RC helicopter.  Continue your session by practicing flying back and forth, left to right, and in and out without flying over or hitting your virtual self. Do not rely entirely on the auto rotation in the RC helicopter simulators to help you in real flying events. To experience something close to real flying events, go on the auto –rotation configuration screen and double the Blade Drag Ratio. It is usually set at .22; increase it to a minimum of .44; also, ensure you practice some rolls and loops.

A helicopter simulator will help you get the basic skills of flying a RC helicopter.  You may encounter some unexpected occurrence when flying the RC helicopter, therefore be prepaid. The above skills are however sufficient to help you fly and have fun with the helicopter.

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