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Flight Pro Sim

Flight Pro Sim

Much can be said about flight simulator games. Some good, some very bad. Too often the game doesn’t meet expectations. Either the graphics are shoddy or the details of small things aren’t accurate. With Flight Pro Sim I found everything I wanted and a whole lot more.

The 100% freedom of the game allowed me to land the plane where I want to, or talk to other players when they’re playing the game. One of the most brilliant features was the selection of planes available to me.

The Planes

Probably the best feature of this fantastic program was the selection of the planes I could fly. Whether I wanted to fly a 747 passenger jet, or an Air Force Tomahawk, I could take whatever I wanted.

The planes available are also completely authentic right down to the finest detail. If there is supposed to be a red blinking light in the cockpit, it’s there. When you turn on the runway, a small light flashes telling you what you’re doing. All in all, this would probably be why I thought Flight Pro Sim is the best flight simulator available to purchase.

An Eye for Detail

Another fantastic feature of the game is the detail they pay attention to in terms of the airports themselves, as well as things as seemingly trivial as the weather of a certain city. If it’s winter in Peru the runway is icy. If it’s summer in Rome you can actually see the heat waves coming off it.

They have painstakingly recreated the planet. Also, they have incorporated Google Maps into the program making Flight Pro Sim the most authentic game you can buy. Want to see what it really looks like down below? Just take a look and see actual trees and lakes. Everything you could possibly want is in this game!

As I personally think this is great product, I have decided to promote it as an affiliate.

Rest assured, I have tried Flight Pro Sim and can personally recommend this product.

From my review I have found that Flight Pro Sim is easy to use, offers loads of extra features.

This is an amazing piece of software and is available at a bargain price, you really can not lose.


This is really the closest I have come to Real Life Flying without even leaving the house!


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