X Marks the Spot with Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Sim Division is Closed

Microsoft Flight Sim Division is Closed

Reviewer: George Cayley
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Game Reviewed: Flight Simulator X | No longer in active devlopment

Flight Simulator X is one of the longest-running, probably the best-known and some say the most comprehensive home flight simulator series, that has been in devlopment for 25 years…

Flight Simulator X no more….

The  January 2009  anouncement by Microsoft effectively closed the entire division and the whole Microsoft Flight Simulator team were laid off.

This means that there will be no more updayes, no more add-ons and noe more flight sim games…

Due to this I can no longer reccomend this product

Basically, what Flight simulator X did, was take all the collaborative technology that went into the exact creation of established flight simulators – and ran with it. With so much realism injected into all kinds of air travel; from merely gliding to flying, and helicopter training; there is endless scope for a flight enthusiast to have some serious fun.

Breaking the barriers on the recommendation of real pilots, this edition is first class when it comes to honing your skills in the skies above the cities you love. With live links to top notch upgrades and regular slices of community news, it really is an exciting place for feature aircraft lovers and professional pilots alike.

Also, given the opportunity on flight simulator x to fly higher and faster; essentially means those budding aviators out there will have their work cut out for them, merely establishing the best route back to the runway.  And because of a living, breathing, contributing community, all engaged in this game – those who are looking for a good place to go on their weekend off – should look no further.

Indeed, the advanced medium of flight simulator x, should not be underestimated one bit, as it is a serious tool for those serious about aviation. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that as a newbie to the site, you may rub shoulders with real life pilots, sharing their experiences of manoeuvring the real thing. Of course, all of this is exciting and alluring, just remember, first you have to learn how to fly and on that note – perhaps it’s best to start out with a basic program and go from there.

With lots of online information on flight simulator x, people interested can easily source the best package for them, both compatible with their machine and big enough to present a challenge. X marks the spot in the skies above!

As I personally think this is great product, I have decided to promote it as an affiliate.

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